Saturday, 29 December 2007


Those of you who follow this site will be aware that I have a “web stalker”, a certain “Billy Boy” whose posts derive from a USA ISP address. Less than courteous, Billy has been active for about 8 weeks. However free speech and all that has allowed his often less than literate comments to appear. These versions of English had the untimely regularity of appearing after criticism of certain councillors or certain councillor related issues. Obviously tipped off by a puppet master in this Borough, Billy Boy would respond accordingly. Certain restraints were introduced and included in a side bar on this site. Low and behold, Billy Boy has fallen at the first hurdle. Sexist, racist and homophobic comments will not be tolerated, and as Billy Boy incorporated all three into his latest moderated comment, he is now “barred”. I honestly thought that the Klu Klux Clan mentality was on the wane, but no, it’s alive and well inside Billy’s mind.

No doubt when his South Tyneside handler informs him of this outcome Billy will do one of two things. Firstly, change his ID tags, or secondly, post on other peoples sites. With his ISP details known and his use of “Anonymous Proxy” blocked, he can call himself what he wants but his racist tirades and sexist filth will not be posted. Sadly, I have no control over the second issue, other than to say if people want a “cuckoo” in their nests, that’s up to them: I know I wouldn’t.

Never mind, life goes on and so will the posts. Billy Boy won’t be missed and his silly friend who uses his Blackberry facilities to tip him off should really be more careful.

Now, where’s that list of potential BRENDA suspects………………


The Badger said...

Are you suggesting Billy Boy is moonlighting as BRENDA?

I know it seems as though he loves hiding behind someone else’s coat tails but surely the tea lady's pinnie is taking it a bit far even for Billy ‘blue’ Boy.

Still stranger things have happened, remember Fonzie in Happy Days? Come to think of it whatever happened to Potsie, I wonder if there is any truth in the rumour that he is plying his trade somewhere in Scotland.

The Badger said...

Well done Mr Shaw it seems you have a crystal ball as Billy Boy is now frequenting the ‘Working for Whiteleas and Parkway Blog’ or should I say the 'Now You See It, Now You Don't Blog'.

Have you noticed how often posts appear, disappear or are edited as if by magic. The most recent one being on the Brenda saga. It’s a good job I’ve started printing a hard copy otherwise I would meet myself coming back.

Perhaps like me you will recall Mr Gibson denying having been summoned or indeed meeting with the Chief Executive to discuss the Brenda post, although she may well have a different take on this. Perhaps this explains the sudden disappearance of any reference to the Chief Executive from the original post.

Take a look at the last paragraph from Mr Gibson’s last Brenda post:

Note the final words in the last line - honesty is the best policy. I have been honest and open (at times to honest!). Now it is up to someone else to be honest and open.

So come on Mr Gibson lets see some of this famous honesty (or was it infamous), tell us why you removed references to the Chief Executive. Whilst you are at it can you confirm or deny that you have:

a. Met with the Chief Executive to discuss posting comments on Curly’s blog under the name of Brenda?

b. Been summoned by Chief Executive to discuss posting comments on Curly’s blog under the name of Brenda?

c. Had discussions with the Chief Executive about using council computers for posting comments on Curly’s blog?

d. Asked the Chief Executive to cover up your actions in relation to posting possible slanderous comments on Curly’s blog?

Before you answer think carefully, remember questions may will be asked in public, clarification will be sought from the Chief Executive including a written request to confirm or deny any such meeting has taken place. This in turn may lead to a formal complaint being made to the Standards Board (yet again) questioning amongst other things your integrity, honesty and fitness to hold public office!

What price honesty now Mr Gibson?

PETER SHAW said...

What an intriguing comment this is.

When it first appeared I had to give it some consideration. However, it conforms with all this sites rules and to be honest, I don’t think I am the only one who has noticed the various amendments on the Whiteleas site.

I think we are now in an area which can only be described as “very serious”.