Monday, 24 December 2007


Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and to be honest, after 12 weeks of blogging, I wish you all well, regardless of whether you are friend or foe.

Best wishes to you all.

Have a great couple of days, enjoy the experience and make the most of your families, however large or small.


Billy Boy said...

Happy xmas turkey

The Badger said...

The forthcoming ‘turkey shoot’ in Edinburgh South West should prove an interesting affair for your ‘hero’ eh Billy Boy. Only thing is what ya all going to do when he gets a good ol stuffing from that boy Darling?

It might help if he spends a bit more time in the local nightspots, that’s assuming he can stomach the queues and can handle the rejection when people don’t know who he is.

Merry Christmas Billy Boy and don’t forget to ask Santa to hide all the Paxo, it’s your only chance of winning!