Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Though I rarely review books, I have just read three crackers in a row. The first two (consecutive volumes, 1 and 2) are by Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur with the rather revealing title “Is It Just Me Or Is Everything S**t?” Described as an “A –Z rant about the naffness of modern life that so relentlessly bitter it’s actually rather uplifting”. The third book is Vernon Coleman’s “England our England: A Nation in Jeopardy”. Ignore the dodgy inference that the title may imply (it’s not a BNP publication!), Coleman published his anti European Union text in 2002, though it somehow passed me by. In essence, its 295 reasons why we should leave the European market as soon as possible, if not before.

For those of you who are still being badgered for a Christmas present list and don’t really fancy another year of socks and underpants, ask for them in your stocking and start the New Year on a high.

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