Thursday, 20 December 2007


When it comes to marriage, sometimes people just don’t see things coming, and Stuart Crossley is an ideal example. In January 2006 he married Susan Dean. Ms Dean had been married three times before (nothing wrong there, true love is a rocky road and all that….) Susan had previously been married to Kevin Nicholson, heir to the Kwik Save fortune. She then walked down the isle with Peter Lilley, son and heir to Lilley and Skinner shoes. Obviously not happy with hush puppies, she married Robert Sangster, he of horse and Vernon Pools fame. They lasted five years. All in all, Ms Dean managed to amass £18 million in divorce settlements and thousands more in alimony payments.

So is Stuart Crossley on family tax credit, living in a one bed roomed flat with no central heating? Of course not: he is worth £45 million, with a claim he has £60 million tucked away in accounts based in Monaco and Andorra. Guess what? Ms Crossley now wishes to divorce Mr Crossley and take a large chunk of his wealth with her.

A current legal spat prevails as to the legality of a prenuptial agreement, which is not really the issue here.

Mr Crossley, she saw you coming! Love may be blind, but your (ex) wife had the eyesight of a Golden Eagle!

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