Monday, 3 December 2007


Today’s Times contains a first class article on the Labour Party’s influence in the north east of England. The issues of the Northern Rock, missing computer discs and dubious political donations all have their origins in our region, intrinsically linked to the Labour Party’s influence and domination that has existed for generations.

With parallels to the T.D. Smith scandals, political writers are packing their bags to book train tickets past the Watford Gap.

Rather than regurgitate the article, follow the link below. Ben Macintyre’s article is a pretty sincere piece of journalism and a great summary of northern politics since the early 1960’s.

Regardless of the recent political issues, the region has a lot to be politically proud of. The Times article still manages to capture that element of independence which characterises the area, and for all that we should be very proud.

However, there is a scandal a foot, and the region is at the centre of it!

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