Monday, 3 December 2007


Whilst many commentators continue to sit on their backsides and pontificate about the benefits of a hotel development, the Save Our Seafront Association follows the power of their convictions in their desire to seek public opinion on the venture. This weekend they were out in force in the Jarrow area, obtaining 1200 signatures against any development on the site of Gypsies Green. The total against so far is well over 6000 names and addresses. Contrasted with the efforts of those who wish to see the development go ahead, clear ground is emerging between the yes and no camps. Unless those who favour the development do more than put pen to paper and outline asinine arguments, the SOS group are going to win the moral argument hands down.

With this level of success, the development is highly unlikely to go ahead within the next five years.

Perhaps certain Councillors should recall the “Fellgate Effect”.


Curly said...

To put that into context.
If all of the petitioners are from South Tyneside addresses, the total equates to about the population of one ward, or about 1/18th of the total population.

However, decisions should be taken because they are judged to be right, rather than popular.

PETER SHAW said...

Finally a comment with a semblance of intelligence, though at variance to my own views. With many more such events planned (at least six that I know off) I am sure the SOS group will slowly whittle away at the 1/18th figure. However, the council claims to have consulted and obtained a suitably workable figure which indicates support for the venture. I don’t think it will have had 6000 “yes” indications.

Curly said...

Yes, I note you have been the victim of some rambling comments. I've had a visit or two as well.