Thursday, 13 December 2007


Sometimes newspaper articles throw up some incredible ironies and today’s Times is no exception.

Worth tens of thousands euros, the delicacy known as “white gold” or young white eels, has resulted in the trial of two French brothers on the charge of catching more than their allocation. Clearly a delicacy in France (and Japan as things pan out) the market price for “elevrs” has reached £360 per kilo. Sirloin steak goes retail for about £10 per kilo, so you can see how price has resulted in the usual European decimated stock of young eels.

However, in order to preserve stocks the Times has printed………………. a recipe for Sautéed Elvers with Garlic and Parsley. Pepper, garlic, olive oil…. it sounds gorgeous! How to protect a species; print a recipe to serve it by!

Well done the Time’s!

What next, Whale in Balsamic Sauce, Tiger with Sautéed Organic Olives……..

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