Saturday, 1 December 2007


Whilst Morrissey may no longer be welcome at the NME headquarters, he may find himself wishing to tour certain areas of South Shields. Today’s Gazette reveals that the BNP wards within the Borough in the hope of securing a council seat at next years local elections.

Copies of their newsletter “South Tyneside Patriot” have been circulated in the Primrose area, where a right wing candidate finished second in this years vote.

With an active presence in Sunderland, there is always a danger that voter apathy or discontent will allow a seat to be finally secured. The people of this Borough have always had a tolerant attitude when it comes to the cultural influences that shape the area. It is therefore up to the local politicians from all parties to ensure that racial hatred is not fuelled by poor and ill conceived municipal policy. We need a united front which clearly distances itself from BNP candidates and the lies they peddle.

Perhaps a few letters to the Gazette from leading councillors would be a good way to start!


Billy Boy said...

Don't you think that by posting about them, you give thm more publicity than they deserve?

Ken Booth said...

Yes, the BNP are in this borough, regardless if you like it or not. The BNP are doing well all over Tyneside and looking forward to the elections in next May.
The Newcastle newsletter is doing equally well. See:

Happy New Year.