Friday, 30 November 2007


Poor old Morrissey, the iconic lead singer/song writer from The Smiths and purveyor of some pretty fine solo material. Never one to avoid controversy or keep his own thoughts to himself (I can appreciate that) he has once again embroiled himself in the “racism” row. The latest edition of the NME carries an article quoting some less than pleasant views of the Manchurian’s feelings re immigration and the nature of “England”.

Whilst Morrissey threatens to sue, this is to be honest a tirade to far. Sadly, his view point is increasingly echoed on the web, particularly within the better established sites, some of which regrettably post from this Borough.

With a long and unfavourable record on issues relating to the National Front and racism, this has become embarrassing. The Smiths were excellent and his solo material contains many classics. However, that’s were it now ends: his name is removed from the Xmas card list and shall remain so forever!

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Billy Boy said...

I don't suppose he'll be that bothered by your ignorant comments, hasn't he issued a writ against the newspaper for spouting the same rubbish as you?