Sunday, 4 November 2007


South Tyneside Councillor John Wood has today shown that he has a pedantic streak a mile wide.

The Sunday Sun has highlighted how pictures of graffiti artwork created (legally) by borough teenagers at their local skate park has found its way onto You Tube and Flickr. Sadly Council rules forbid any appearance of the artwork outside the facility. Councillor Wood said;

“There are areas down there which are set aside for graffiti but we will not tolerate anyone breaking the rules. By putting these images online they have identified themselves”.

Well, well, what a bunch of naughty boys. Even though you had the decency to keep your graffiti of the streets, the council will still get you. Come on John, please try and have a modicum of understanding of youth culture. Do you honestly feel that such a ridiculous rule is enforceable? What about camera pictures? What about the pictures of this park I have seen in the Gazette?

As long as young people treat these areas with respect and concern, and as long as it keeps unnecessary graffiti of the streets, let them show of their creations, it does no harm what so ever. It does however, show that certain councillors have lost any degree of empathy with ward members, both current and future voters!

PS – The Sunday Sun obviously feels that Councillor Wood is not a “hep cat” and shows its contempt for his views by asking you to visit its site and view the artwork!

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