Monday, 19 November 2007


A quick perusal of the net today has shown that either our local political parties are not exactly computer literate, or that they basically don’t have a lot to say outside of election times.

Local sites for South Shields branches of the Labour and Conservative Party’s have not been updated since the last elections (6 months ago). Without a local site of their own, the Liberal Party regional north east pages are also sparse on any news since July 2007. Even the Alliance site, which claims to work for the region all year round, has been under construction longer than the new Wembley Stadium. It is left to the Green Party to show some computer literacy, with monthly posts to let you know what is going on.

As a method of disseminating information, local policies and activities, web sites and blogs are excellent. They cost nothing to run, they are free to read and they have the potential to reach every home in the area, something which an article or advert in a local paper could never achieve.

Contrary to rumour, there are some Councillors who do work hard for their wards, and I only wish they would let the electorate know of their activities outside of the boundaries of seeking our votes. The site is an ideal example of a success story. Set up by the two Labour Party ward Councillor’s, the site is updated regularly and information freely passed on. This is something which should be replicated on a ward to ward basis.

Mind you, I disagree with their views on Gypsies Green, but that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


Michael said...

And they wonder why people are so apathetic about local politics! It makes you wonder whether it's entirely accidental: no better way to maintain the status quo, eh?

PETER SHAW said...

I always try to remain optimistic. However, with such technology available to disseminate information of a completely FREE basis, I wonder why local political parties seem to avoid it like the plague.

Ignorance is bliss? Knowledge breads power? You all know what happened to Winston!

Bryan said...

Glad to see you're keeping an eye on the Green Party web site

PETER SHAW said...

I need several eyes with the amount of people I need to keep an eye on