Monday, 5 November 2007


On Sunday I covered the issue of how a local skate board park had hit the headlines when its internal graffiti works found their way onto You Tube, contrary to the Council’s rules. It would seem that the resulting press attention also caught the eye of some of the Borough’s less than intelligent element.

Today’s Gazette reports on how the area outside the park has been vandalised with unsightly and insulting images.

Some elements of society are beyond redemption. The internal area of the park had been set aside for local artists to create constructive graffiti work, thereby keeping it of the streets. However, this for the idiot brigade is not enough, and they have only served to isolate their age group and play into the hands of those who have no faith or optimism in young people.

No doubt the area will be cleaned up, but the political damage cannot be repaired.

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