Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Whilst I covered the issue of the recent Labour Party donations scandal on Sunday and Monday, today’s Times offers up a few extra little bits of information on David Abrahams, the man behind the donation. Poor old Mr Abrahams, not only does he have problems with the press, he also has problems with his own identity. Whilst deciding in 1991 to embark on a career in (Labour) politics, David decided to take on William Hague in his Richmond constituency. However, during this period he was going by the name of David Martin, and together with wife and son, turned up at a selection meeting and was dually adopted. One problem did emerge several days later: poor old Mrs Martin was indeed Anthea Bailey, who was hired together with her son to pose as Abrahams/Martins “instant” family. Finding that Martin was indeed not Martin and was not even married, the local party naturally sent him packing. Probably with his birth certificate in tatters, because not only David economical with the truth concerning his name/marriage, he also lied about his age, conveniently knocking a number of years of for good behaviour. For the record, he is 63, and 53 which has been reported.

So there you have it: a fraud, a liar and surrounded by financial irregularities. This man would have been wasted as an ordinary MP, he sounds like Cabinet material to me!

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