Friday, 9 November 2007


Tonight’s article in the Shields Gazette finally makes public what has been “alluded” to for the last 2 weeks or so. Sisters Geraldine White and Karen Thompson have finally been named as those involved in the infamous “BRENDA” post on Curlys Corner Shop site. I will adopt my normal policy of not reproducing whole chunks of an article: to follow the details click or paste the link below.

I have personally met Geraldine and Karen, and they appear to be hard working and honest people merely following what they consider to be the best for this Borough. Many people who I have spoken to also speak highly of their dignity. To face then, an accusation of ballot rigging is dreadful and I fully endorse their decision to pursue the path of further action.

The only matter remaining then concerns the identity of “BRENDA”. If Curly knows, I would encourage him to post on the identity. This “person” has dishonoured 2 innocent people and done his own (Curly’s) reputation no good at all. He should pass on all details to either David MacLean at the Gazette, and/or directly to Geraldine’s and Karen’s legal representatives.

Reputations can be re-established, but honour can be destroyed irrevocably. By naming and shaming “BRENDA”, two hard working and dedicated Borough campaigners will be able to clear their names of this dreadful slur.

Let’s hope that the “honourable” route is taken.

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