Wednesday, 28 November 2007


No, he hasn’t fallen out with his girlfriend; he was actually having a dig at Alistair Darling, Chancellor and MP. As it is well known, Councillor Potts has hopes of standing against the “Badger” in the next election. However, some of his constituents may be perturbed to find him commenting on national issues when he can’t even solve the problems of his own ward. Many moons ago Councillor Pott’s, a local blog and The Gazette announced to a great fanfare that Potts and his fellow wags had solved the problem of Metro congestion in East Boldon (the illusive Councillors ward). Let me remind you of the article and the Councillor’s quoted words:

“Coun Potts now says he and two other Conservative councillors for Cleadon and East Boldon have the answer, and have pressed council bosses to introduce a number of safeguards.Coun Potts said: "Following intensive negotiations with council officers, we are delighted to have been able to secure these important schemes, which we believe will seriously improve road safety and reduce congestion in the area.

Once legal and residential consultations have been completed, there will be 'restricted waiting' parking outside shops on Front Street and double yellow lines on both approaches to the Metro station.Double yellow lines will also be placed around each junction from Cleadon Lane to Black's Corner, and a pedestrian refuge will be installed where six parking bays now stand.

It is likely that the new measures will be fully in place by the end of the year.

As we approach the end of the year, none of the measures outlined by Councillor Potts proclamation have been honoured. The area has no yellow lines, it has no pedestrian refuge and no car park exists. Indeed, according to local residents, no contact has been made with Nexus on this issue since August 2007 by anybody.

Poor old David does have 31 days to see his self proclaimed vision put in place. In reality, he is going to have to get his skates on to achieve it by the end of the year: that’s a lot of planning permsission to push through by Christmas. I have no doubt that “The Badger” will be extremely happy to read about Councillor Potts promises. At least they have something in common; neither can deliever on what they claim they can!


Billy Boy said...

This just personal nonsense - crap. Why you alway pick on this man?

Malcolm said...

Get a life and leave the bloke alone Shaw.