Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Poor old Gordon, what has he let himself in for? For over 10 years as the countries Chancellor he earned himself the prefix “Iron”, succeeding Tony Blair with a promise to not only return politics back to the people, but to make it once again the most honest of professions. As of today, he is a rusty old bucket!

How the mighty have fallen. Northern Wreck (which began under his watch), missing Inland Revenue CD’s, an under financed defence commitment, and now, his Party and it’s deputy leader the receivers of dodgy money from a dodgy business man. In a scenario which makes Neil Hamilton look like the Virgin Mary, New Labour has been shown to be rotten to the core.

Thrashed at Question Time by the political light weight David Cameron, Brown is now powerless and without authority. He is also despised by the Country for betraying its trust. In hindsight, he should have called an election in October, at least then he had a fair chance. With his stock falling faster than Northern Wreck shares, he should resign quickly and at least allow his successor some time to recover the Party’s support.

Now which leader did we recently say that about?

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