Thursday, 22 November 2007


Over in Curlys world at the local Corner Shop, the proprietor seems to have been wearing his shades again, such is the clouded vision he used to asses a Council press release on the possibility of a new leisure centre in the Borough.

“Foreshore Leisure Facility Moves Step Closer” is their media header, outlining the appointment of a firm of consultants to evaluate the options for a sea front leisure facility. Now I’m not a betting man, but I know a lame horse when I see one.

Let’s look at some of the phrases used in the text:

1. Assess market demand
2. Give a view
3. Will also look at
4. Report will show what the Council need to do
5. Etc etc etc

No where in the release does it actually say “we will build”, and do you know why, because the intention to create new leisure facilities within the next ten years does not exist. The release is purely a tactic to deflect criticism from the Gypsies Green project. The fact that it was rolled out the day before a rather difficult full council meeting is another indication of the “wool over eyes” syndrome.

Sadly, the tax payer is going to have to foot the consultant’s bill, the result being a report that will be worthless and filed under “worthless”.

Some people may fall for it, but not me. I will happily give odds of 10/1 that this time next year, no further plans will exist for the area, other than those being pushed forward by the SOS group.

Now there’s a good bet!

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