Friday, 9 November 2007


It’s nearly 1 o’clock, and after a very difficult few days giving birth to my brother’s new baby, I need some sleep (that’s empathy readers, not physical labour). However, the meeting tonight on the Tavistock development (sorry, it’s actually yesterday now) was a great success. Geraldine and Karen acted with great professionalism and dignity, despite commanding the front page of the Gazette in their fight to end the slurs on their very good names. I will post the details re the meeting some time over the next 48 hours.

However, who was that man with the hidden tape recorder? Surely not Brenda? Answers on a post card to South Tyneside Town Hall, Surveillance Department, Room 101 etc etc.

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Ahmed Khan said...

Never in month of Sundays could it have Brenda. ‘He’ has already demonstrated how 'daring' he really is.

Now on the other hand could it have been one of Brenda's 'mates'? It seems as though getting someone to do the dirty work might be catching!

Looking on the bright side if it was anything to do with Brenda &/or 'his' associates they will by now be more aware than ever of the increasing opposition to the sell off of Gypsies Green.

Never mind ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’, how about ‘Sleepless in Shields’ (ops Seattle)?

Given the tone of last night’s meeting and the ‘boyz’ at the top are in for a torrid time and many a sleepless night.

Did I see someone taking car registration numbers last night? Or was it just someone dressed in blue loitering with intent to tape? It amazing what modern mobile phones with built in cameras can reveal!