Monday, 5 November 2007


Rather than engage in a web version of a verbal spat, I will not be commenting again on this site or others on the affair of Nigel Hastilow. To do so gives it a degree of legitimacy is doesn’t deserve. My comments may have caused some discomfit, especially over at Curly’s Corner Shop, who has used the oldest defence in the book, that of a knee jerk reaction. Have your say Curly and leave it at that. You have more to loose with this argument than me. Finally, I have apparently spelt eunuch wrong, it should be, well, eunuch. Very sorry folks, what a dreadful error to make. I hope it didn’t detract too much from the message that Enoch Powell was a racist and people who share his views are racists. Modern society offers them no hiding place, either within the Conservative Party or on the internet. Subject over.

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