Sunday, 18 November 2007


Today's Sun Sunday has broken the news surrounding the scandalous goings on at South Tyneside Council. Northumbira Police have been called in to investigate the disappearance of 18 ballot boxes connected to a recent court case pursued by Ahmed Khan, the Beacon and Bents ward candidate who lost the election by a mere 33 votes. Mr Khan was unhappy with a batch of rejected postal votes and asked that they be reexamined. Low and behold, these are amongst the votes which have gone missing.

To make matters worse, they disappeared within hours of the election and hours of Mr Khans first verbal complaints. Yet despite knowing this, the South Tyneside Executives and legal Representatives let Mr Khan run up six months of legal bills, and they are now seeking reimbursement for their costs.

British justice is on trial here. For 18 ballot boxes to be kept in a corridor, some containing know disputed papers and subsequently disappear is scandalous and reeks of foul play. To then pursue a man for money who is in effect the "victim" is even worse as it discourages other people from standing up for both their own and other peoples democratic rights.

The wall of silence has now been broken by Mr Khan, but the Council continue to hide behind it. However, this issue is going to dominate for weeks, and I shall be posting later with further information.

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