Sunday, 4 November 2007


It would appear that the email address highlighted for the Xmas Councillor Advent Calendar period has been quickly hijacked by right wing thugs. Disappointed at the sacking of their Enoch Powell sibling Nigel Hastilow, they have seen to bombard this site with emails (many from this Borough according to your ISP Addresses).

Don’t worry bully boys, with family members in IT, you can never force The Northern Herald to shut down! We are are always one step ahead of your movements!

Instead, fester on this, you right wing extremists!

I condemned the news and actions of this prospective MP from the onset.


I was the first to post on the issue of the sacking.


I asked for South Tyneside Councillors to condemn this situation.


Rest assured, this news paper will fight for this Borough regardless of your colour, religion or political stance.


Curly said...

In which of your posts have you asked South Tyneside councillors to comment on a matter which is well outside of their remit? I see none.

By the way, it is Eunuch.

PETER SHAW said...

You can be as pedantic as you want. It is outrageous that no mention was made of this mans views, only the system which wants to hold him to account. I am going to refrain from commenting on this issue again, either on this site or yours; I have made my point. I suggest you do the same; with your stance you have far more loose than me.

As for spelling and typing errors, have you not got any better arguments than that? How childish.

Ahmed Khan said...

It's all too easy to make spelling mistakes, I'm often guilty of it myself. Perhaps it's our reliance on spell checkers, time constraints or just sheer laziness (for not proof reading). Whatever the reasons, let's not get hung up on trivia, surely people should be commended for taking the time to contribute to this or indeed any other blog irrespective of their ability to spell.

By the way Curly my surname is spelt KHAN and not KAHN as used on your recent post about the Birmingham election petition (see last paragraph)!

Curly said...


Sorry Ahmed!