Thursday, 15 November 2007


Despite my indications to the positive, I have been unable to secure an interview with Ahmed Khan, the Beacon and Bents candidate who recently found himself in the courts over the issue of a series of disputed ballot papers.

If I hear “no comment” or “cant deny or confirm anything at all” once more I am going to patent the replies, and that way I will make a lot of money every time it is uttered.

Northumbria Police have been asked to investigate the matter of certain irregularities, but other than that, the door on this issue is firmly shut. As to who has the key, Mr Khan isn’t telling me or confirming any information put before this paper.

As to the likely legal actions of the local Labour Party and senior officers which were confirmed recently on a local site, Mr Khan appears to be happy to defend counter claims. At least this way all the relevant facts will be examined in an open court, something he was denied earlier this week.

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Ahmed Khan said...

What I can confirm at present is that the Chief Constable has referred this matter to a senior officer (a Chief Superintendent) to investigate and that the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Electoral Commission have been sent copies of the evidence.