Monday, 12 November 2007


Whilst the the law courts in Newcastle will today be full of the usual offenders, one case will be slightly different to the riff raff who normally pass through the doors. A certain “Borough of South Tyneside” is under the judge’s gravel, forced to attend by Ahmed Khan, the Independent candidate at the Beacon and Bents Ward regional election this year.

Mr Khan, well known for his political tenacity, lost the election by a mere 34 votes. However, a series of postal votes were rejected under very dubious circumstances. To date, council election officials have refused to allow the papers in question to be re examined. Undeterred, Mr Khan began his long legal campaign to challenge the Council in May 2007, and today finds himself finally forcing the Council to justify its stance.

I wish Mr Khan the best of luck. I sincerely feel this is not a case of “sour grapes”, but a matter of democracy being seen to be open, fair and accountable.

Should the Council be proved to have engaged in form of skulduggery, then not only will it be a very bad day for this Borough, but it will be a very bad day for British democracy.

Naturally, I shall post as soon as I hear any news.

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