Tuesday, 1 January 2008


I notice that the authors of some sights I regularly visit have published their New Years resolutions. Don’t worry, you’ll get none of that from me, not because I haven’t made any, but because they remain locked away in the mind. That way when they are broken, nobody knows but me!

Neither do I do predictions; what has happened alone in this Borough over the last three months is tantamount to the fact the crystal ball gazing is a waste of time. I am however, looking forward to certain events. This years local elections will be very interesting, particularly as the disgraced Labour hegemony in South Tyneside could feasibly be over this summer. I also think the Gypsies Green development is going to be an extremely fraught affair, with both sides now ready for a pitched battle. Council meetings are also going to prove entertaining, with members finally realising that nodding ones head does not a democracy make!

Nationally, anything could happen. Brown and his cohorts are possibly the most incompetent bunch who have ever held office, without a modicum of talent or political ability. They are in essence, capable of staging any catastrophe imaginable.

And you know what, they will!

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