Saturday, 1 December 2007


Dear Sir

I wish to complain about today’s edition of the Gazette. Sadly, your staff have failed to make any reference to the antics of Councillor Potts, and as such many people are disappointed. Rest assured, I do not make this complaint on my behalf, but for “Billy Boy”, who appears to trawl local sites (the details re relevant ones have already been passed on to him to make his job easier) looking for comments on Mr Potts, and correspondingly posts on him. Poor old “Billy Boy” has been dreadfully let down today, especially so close to Christmas. I realise that you are a busy man, but perhaps you could arrange for some coverage next week so that I can post some new comments. Poor old Billy has nothing better to do, and is at something of a loose end. Idle hands and all that…..

Yours faithfully

Peter Shaw

1 comment:

Billy Boy said...

Sadly I no longer live in Cleadon, the sunshine here is far more acceptable, but news from the Shields gazette and my parents alerts me to perps such as yourself who wish to keep my hometown in the dark ages.

What is your beef man?