Sunday, 2 December 2007


With 4 full pages, today’s Sunday Telegraph has the best coverage of Labour’s latest sleazy goings on. Highlighting the 12 major players in the affair, it is its “7 question scenario” which catches the eye. Here’s a synopsis;

1. Who was Abraham’s handler at the Labour Party?

2. Who at the top level of the Party knew about the donations?

3. Did Abrahams receive any favours?

4. Is Abrahams a front for another donor?

5. How many other anonymous donors exist?

6. Why did Brown’s team refuse donations, but recommended Harman?

7. Why did Mendelsohn not raise his concerns with Brown?

The answer to any of these questions is likely to open the flood gates for more revelations.

Brown may attempt to deflect criticism with his promises of reform, but it is highly likely that he will be the second serving prime minister to be questioned by police over corruption and more prudently, the second Labour leader in a row. This is a disgraceful position for any party to be in.

Rest assured however, I suspect the Conservative party will be trawling its account books to ascertain its own position on the issue, as it did with the interest free loan scenario. The next seven days will be very interesting, not just for Labour, but for all political parties.

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