Friday, 1 February 2008

Council Unmasked!

By all accounts today’s EGM and Full Council (reconvened) meeting was a sombre affair though the sycophants had a particularly good day when it came to lauding epitaphs on Council Leader Paul WAGGGOTTT. Apparently Councillor Pott’s homage to the Labour hierarchy was particularly well soaked in treacle. Not bad for a Party who claim to be the “opposition”. Why he doesn’t up sticks and cross the floor with the Liberal Democrats is beyond me – perhaps politically he already has!

A more detailed report will follow, once all the reports of the meeting have been gathered. I do however notice that the Gazette carried another page of relevant letters on the subject, with the Independent perspective dominating.

The papers web site question also showed a majority in favour of the Alliance’s actions. Finally, after years of baron opposition, we finally have a coherent body that have the ability and the public support to challenge the Labour opposition. Shame the Liberals and the Tories don’t want to be involved!

What a bunch of sycophants!


Anonymous said...

Peter : I was at this afternoons Meeting at the town hall and i dont belong to any party or the Independents. What i want to say is, I think our council know they have a uphill strugle on there hands to convince the public that they are right in what they are doing to try and prevent the Independents and the public on asking good Questions. What i seen was a farce. I got tolled last week was worse than to day. The Lib Dems and conservative`s and the so called REAL INDEPENDENTS should hang there Heads in Shame.
For the Record I voted Labour last year. NO MORE ..

The Badger said...

Councillor Potts did himself and ourselves a huge favour yesterday by turning up, but will we ever see him again now that his head is so far up Waggott’s backside that he can’t see daylight.
You know Peter I’m not sure what his constituency executive members in Scotland will think about selecting him as their Parliamentary candidate when learn about his avid support of the labour leader of South Tyneside Council. Heaven help him when central office find out about his disgraceful performance yesterday, he’ll probably go the way of this week’s other shamed Tory, Derek Conway.
The good thing for us is that Alister Darling (the other badger) must be rubbing his hands at the thought of taking on such a dim witted and politically naive opponent on at the general election.
As for Joe Abbott the lib dem leader, nothing new there, I’ll leave the final word to his colleague Greg Mulholland you are an “ar**hole” Joe, but we now that, shame you do’nt.

Anonymous said...

Peter : Reading the Gazette tonight about the silent Protest and the Opposition Cllr`s Supporting the Leader of the Council, What do the People who voted them in think of all this? All so I think that these Cllr`s have forgot that the Leader called the public Lunatics. Is this the behaviour we want from the Leader of Our Council?
I cant understand why Our Foreign Secretary Mr Miliband has backed Cllr Waggott. Dos Mr Miliband think the People of this town are Lunatics as well? He must if he`s suppoting Cllr Waggott.

Denny said...

What has been unmasked is the hypocrisy and lies of labour and if I were Paul Waggott I’d be a very worried man. With friends like these you don’t need any enemies. It's a good job labour councillors didn’t have to pass through a metal detector on Friday, if they had there would have been one hell of a collection of knives for Inspector Charlton. Yes Paul they are out to get you, stab you in the back and then jump on your grave to rub it in. You probably know the main culprit already but in case you don’t try your deputy.