Monday, 25 February 2008

Cheap and Nasty: The New Conservative Party

Once again poor old David Cameron has shown himself to be a complete political light weight when it comes to engaging the brain before the spin. In a statement attacking 26 inspired Labour/Gordon Brown gimmicks, Cameron listed at number 4 “trips to Auschwitz”. Naturally, the entire Jewish community is in uproar with Cameron’s crass stupidity.

The telephone bill at Conservative Central Office trebled in the space of 30 minutes as Cameron and his aides made frantic phone calls to every Jewish leader they could think off. However, every one they contacted was shocked that Cameron would use “gimmick” and “Auschwitz” in the same sentence.

Cameron can phone who he likes in an attempt to explain his BNP like statement, but what is needed is a full apology.

Guess what, none has been forthcoming.

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The Last King of Scotland said...

Looks like David Potts is only taking after his leader, cheap and nasty jibes are obviously a tory trait a bit like ars** licking! Waggott's is still wet David.