Friday, 29 February 2008

Rumour Mill

The chattering classes have been in touch with the News Desk with the claim that the Tavistock “Rattler” business has been sold to Cameron’s Brewery. Could this be true? Surely not. At Tuesdays Regeneration and Resources Scrutiny Committee meeting, two very senior representatives from Tavistock Leisure said in response to a question on their commitment to the area that they were here for the very long term and didn’t set up businesses just to sell them on.

Never mind, perhaps someone’s having a laugh. The problem is, I don’t hear many giggles.

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Ahmed said...

I've also heard something similar and to make things worse the Sanddancer has gone into administration, so much for a ‘jewel in the crown’ hotel development.

It’s patently obvious to the 10,000 people plus who signed a petition opposing the development of a hotel that it cannot sustain itself. It’s purely and simply a way for a few individuals to make a quick buck at the expense of the people of this borough and perhaps for the ‘Chuckle Family’ to sneak a casino in via the back door!