Sunday, 10 February 2008

Disappointed Tory Voter

Being a Tory voter myself, I was very disappointed to read that Michael Ancram MP has used £20000 of public funds to paint his house and remove moss from the garden. With an estimated wealth of just short of £30 million, Ancram claimed his allowance under the “additional costs allowance” loop hole in MP’s expenses package. The Sunday Telegraph article also reveals that MP’s have made an estimated £175 million profit from the property boom on houses funded by allowances claims. The only way to avoid this type of controversy would be to only allow MP’s to rent their second properties, or for authorities to claim back a percentage of money from the sale of the properties in the future.

You should also read the report adjoining the Ancram claims, which highlights the actions of Labour MP Barry Sheerman, who tagged a holiday onto an official visit to Thailand. Mr Sheerman is pictured basking by the pool enjoying the sun – complete with his cloth cap on. No sign of his whippet though.


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