Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Who’s next for the blame, the porter? Surely his burden is enough?

Whilst South Tyneside Councillors are used to the clatter of their letter boxes every morning (such is the amount of official post they receive) they weren’t expecting the letter they received this morning. South Tyneside Homes have penned a prose to Councillors in the Borough informing them that they are not to happy with their behaviour with regards to said ALMO. Clearly worried about the adverse publicity they have received over the last couple of months, STH have now blamed Councillors for the trouble they find themselves in, accusing our elected representatives of breaching their code of conduct and alluding to legal action as recourse. Not to happy, Bob the South Tyneside Builder expects some form of positive political redress.

Sadly, Bob the Bodger is threatening and barking up the wrong tree. STH is now an “Arms Length Management Organisation” which means you can’t blame Councillors for the financial pit you find you find yourselves in. Especially when the head of the concern is on the higher level of a 5 figure salary!

Let’s have a gamblers tipple – this letter shows that a sure bet is that South Tyneside Homes has no chance of achieving a 2 star rating this time around! First it was staff to blame, then it was residents who wouldn’t open their doors. Now it’s councillors!

As a result of this letter, its official! Two stars is a pipe dream.


Ahmed said...

It's not just councillors Peter I got one too. So unless Mr Harris knows something I don't then it must have been sent to me in error. A bit like the repair man turning up on the wrong day at the wrong house ... nothing new there then!

Ahmed said...

I nearly forgot I got stonker of a letter around a week aga from the same Tim Harris the tone of which left something to be desired.

I'll send you a copy so you can judge for yourself. Please feel free to upload it to your site for all to see.