Thursday, 21 February 2008

Out of site, out of mind, out of touch!

Poor old Curly at the Corner Shop, than let old dogs lie, he has been seen once again attempting to gain the favour of the Labour elite. His increasingly neurotic attacks on anybody who opposes the Labour hegemony have clearly got the better of his artistic judgement.

His recent attacks on my condemnation of Irene Lucas (Chief Executive) and Brian T Scott (Head of Corporate Governance) South Tyneside Council, drew a staggering number of public responses in support of his boot licking…. 0!

Today’s criticism of Independent Councillors and their tactics drew (to date)….1 comment!

Out of site, out of mind, out of touch!


Ahmed said...

Looking at Curly's recent post about motions being rejected it seems he's started to find his way back into labour's good books at least for the time being .. another leaked e-mail? It's good to see that some things never change and his 'mate' in the cabinet is starting to leak once again or more as is more likely, use him again to suit his own agenda!

Ahmed said...

Interesting point you make about comments on Curly’s blog. I’ve just looked at the post you refer to and there are now two comments, that’s a 100% increase!

When you look at them it seems that one comment was from Rossinbird which cautiously welcomed the Independents stance on the waste management issue and the other was from Wilf Flynn the secretary of the Jarrow Labour party which happens to cover Wagggottt’s temporary political patch of Fellgate and Hedworth.

Strangely Wilf goes on about South Tyneside Homes and critises the Independents for publishing details of the Audit Commission Inspectors and therefore making them known to the borough’s 19000 tenants. Sorry Wilf I believe this information should be available as the tenants have a right to make their views known to the inspectors and that any decision they reach should be based on the facts (warts and all) and not just on the political doctrine/spin of a few select individuals. After all your cronies have manipulated every conceivable panel/board and to be frank loaded it with labour members, supporters and activists to eliminate any voice of dissent.

Now I know that your labour mates especially those on the board are not happy about the public being given the inspectors details but then we all know your ‘mates’ have difficulties coming to terms with anything that they can’t control or manipulate to suit their own agenda. After all the concept of an open, transparent and honest approach to local democracy seems to be something alien to your ‘mates’ in the Town Hall.

Denny said...

Now Curly's buddies are talking to him again ask him if he find out who Brenda is.

Wilf said...

What a fickle man Curly turns out to be. After year's of drooling over Potts he has ditched him like a brazillian male prostitute desperate for the limelight in favour of Wagggottt in a last attempt to win favour.
Just pray that Linda the other political prostiute doesnt find out or she'll be playing away again.

rossinisbird said...

"one comment was from Rossinbird which cautiously welcomed the Independents stance on the waste management issue"

It seems my last post on here got lost.

What is the independents' position on the waste strategy and incineration?