Monday, 4 February 2008

Lost in Translation

There must a black hole associated with No 10, because the amount of things that have gone missing over the last few months is astounding. Inland Revenue CD’s, driving license data, confidential lap tops etc etc etc.

Today David Davies has claimed that he sent a letter to Gordon Brown warning him that a certain MP had been bugged. Brown and No 10 claim to have never received the letter. Oh dear, I feel a scandal coming on!

Here’s the full text of Davies’s submission.

Dear Prime Minister,

You will recall the Wilson Doctrine, first articulated by Harold Wilson in 1966, under which it was set out as a matter of public policy that Government would not tap the telephones of Members of Parliament.

Your immediate predecessor and other Ministers have, since 1997, consistently confirmed that this policy remains in place.

I have reason to believe that the policy has been breached in relation to communications between a constituent, arrested and detained as a terrorist suspect since 2003, and his Member of Parliament.

I would be grateful if you could review this serious matter and inform me of the outcome of your review. In addition, I would be grateful if you could confirm that there has been no change in the Wilson Doctrine under your premiership, in light of your clear commitment, made on July 3 of this year, to ’restore power to Parliament in order to build the trust of British people in our democracy’.

I am writing on a confidential basis, in the first instance, given the nature of the subject, the related sensitivities and to afford you an opportunity to provide a briefing on Privy Council terms if you deem it appropriate on grounds of national security.

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Davis

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