Friday, 15 February 2008

Westoe Ward

Anybody who follows local politics may be interested to know that Labour’s candidate for the Westoe Ward at the next election will be Fay Cunningham. Ms Cunningham, as many people know, is the Mayor of South Tyneside’s secretary. As many people also know, you can’t stand for Council if you are an employee. As nomination packs for the election are available from 10th March, it has conveniently been arranged for Fay to retire on the 7th March, giving her just enough time to clear her desk before hitting the campaign trail.

Clearly, there are ramifications of an employee of the Council (and a prominent one at that) standing for election so soon after leaving municipal service. In an ideal world, a 12 month “cooling off” period should prevail to prevent any compromising of interests.

Never mind, Ms Cunningham is standing against Alan Branley (Independent) who has a hefty majority to her name. Fay’s reward however will be a stab at the one of the Beacon and Bents seats in two years time, where it is rumoured John Anglin (Labour) will not be standing again. Viewed as a safe option when the plan was hatched before Christmas, the “B and B” Ward may be a harder egg to crack when (not if) Ahmed Khan takes the seat in May this year. We all know what happened in the Fellgate and Hedworth Ward.

In hind sight, the early retirement option may have been a little too soon!


The Badger said...

The interesting thing is that Fay’s agent will be former labour councillor and long standing friend Ron Reynolds who many people felt should have been leader of the council but was 'overlooked' in favour of Paul Waggott.
John Anglin has decided to call it a day, the ‘official’ reason being his health. Many of us think the real reason is that he doesn’t want to stand again in Beacon and Bents given that the ward is fast becoming a thorn in our side and a seat that no one wants, a bit like Westoe.
Fay has probably been conned into standing on the basis she lives on the Lawe Top and her partner Jack Brown (former head of housing at South Tyneside Council) thinks he can drum up enough support based on his drinking haunts.
Ms Welsh (tenants representative on South Tyneside Homes board, labour party activist and friend of John Wood) may not be too happy about Fay standing in Beacon and Bents as she has desires on the seat. This may help explain why she is spending more and more time in the pubs on the Lawe (watch yourself Jack) and why she is so keen to deliver John Wood’s leaflets.

Anonymous said...

john wood will win, fay will also win

Denny said...

Aye and Elvis lives, apparently he shops in Morrisons too.

The Activist said...

In reponse to badger's comments of 20th Feb. I am very happy about Fay standing for the Westoe ward and as she can't stand for two wards at once she is I'm sure going to be the Labour Councillor for the Westoe ward. I have every intention of helping Fay in every way possible to do this.

As for my standing for John Anglin's ward why? he's doing a great job and as far as I know is not retiring.

I also haven't been in any of the pubs on the Lawe in years. I rarely drink or go out very often.

I am not the only one keen to help deliver John Wood's leaflets, I was one of many that day. I am also out helping with many other volunteers delivering leaflets for other Labour Councillors and prospective Labour Councillors.

So badger dear please make sure of your facts before opening your gob and sticking both feet in it.