Sunday, 17 February 2008

Cabinet Record

For those who are interested, last Wednesday’s full cabinet meeting lasted 3 minutes, slashing the 7 minute full Council meeting in October 2007. If this had been an athletics race, drug tests would have been mandatory such was the speed at which Councillors left the chamber.

Of course the meeting was only convened to approve the Council Tax rise of 2.95%. However, as members of this committee receive an additional allowance of £9182 per year, you would think they would at least try and justify the payment with some form of debate or discussion, perhaps even a little dissent! In reality, what we must remember is that the Cabinet is one of the very few committees which does not have any degree of political balance, so we will never hear any subversive chatter from this quarter. The only requirements for the hand picked membership is that you are a Labour Councillor, and have the ability to raise your hand, nod your head and say “Yes!”.

Parking charges up, leisure centre fees up, school dinner fees up, primary school closures, swathes of land up for sale and now Council Taxes up – and all on the of the head.

Not a bad day’s work for £9182 a year.

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