Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Down in the sands!

Today I attended a meeting of the Councils Regeneration and Resources Scrutiny Committee which discussed a progress report re developments for the Boroughs foreshore area, including Gypsies Green, Bent’s Parks and the fairground area. With several members of the public offering evidence to the Committee, it was interesting to say the least.

I shall post a full report later tomorrow which includes the details of some strong community commitments made by both councillors and full time officials, some of which I don’t think they had the authority to make.

For some back ground to the meeting, have a quick look at today’s Gazette article.



Trixie said...

Hope the dic told parcelforce he was awy for a couple of hours earlier.

two down one to go said...

I look forward to your report Peter
it sounds like the labour party spinning machine has been working overtime.

Denny said...

Well done to the Chuckle Brothers, a well rehearsed and well planned excercise in spin.
It was obvious that you planted certain questions with certain stooges like Piggott and Dix, they even had cue cards.
What was interesting though was the body language of McAtominey and Malcolm they obviously hate each other and the fight for Waggott's scraps has already started.
The only spanner in the works was Anglin who clearly opened his mouth at the wrong time, no wonder he's off at the end of his term, he's well and truly had enough of this labour bull***t.
I bet he rues the day he left the tory party.

The Last King of Scotland said...

You know this whole thing stinks of backhanders.
It would'nt be the first time people will have turned up with a suitcase of cash.
They reckon the Coop is a good place to hide it apparently.

The Badger said...

Head in the sand, describes some of my labour colleagues perfectly.

Ahmed said...

An excellent choice of words given the South Tyneside Means Business ad campaign. You know the one where the chap is digging frantically in the sand looking for something ... ballot boxes perhaps!