Sunday, 17 February 2008

MP's at the Trough

Once again MP’s have been caught with their noses in the money trough. Today’s Sunday Time’s reveals that 24 MP’s have claimed their £20,000 second home allowance even though they live within an hours commuting distance of Westminster. In total they claimed almost £400,000.

Once again revelations concerning MP’s expenses claims have tarnished the image of the House of Commons. Whilst the Time’s article lists the worst offenders, there is a virtual monopoly for Labour when it comes to the main party offenders (7 for Labour, 1 Conservative). The chances then of seeing any great changes over the next year or so are nil – why bite the hand that feeds you!

Until the matter of remuneration is taken out of their own control, MP’s will continue to line their own pockets. Who said the road to London isn’t paved with gold?

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