Thursday, 21 February 2008

Duplicitous or “Cracking The Whip!”

Just when you thought Councillor David Potts (Con) couldn’t get any more duplicitous, he goes and surprises us all with a performance worthy of Judas Iscariot.

Today’s Shields Gazette carries an article on Irene Lucas’s infamous dressing down of opposition Councillors, something which I broke earlier last week .

It is pointless regurgitating the articles details as my original post has been confirmed by the Gazettes article.

What is interesting are the comments of said Mr Potts.

Here we go folks, but don’t forget to have the sick bag at hand.

“In my opinion, the actions of some members of the Council and certain members of the public, who are essentially militant political activists, have been utterly disgraceful”

Poor old David must have had either a memory lapse or he actually has the ability to see through walls, because he was not even at the meeting when all the controversy took place. To be honest, I doubt he was even in this country such is his love of all things Scottish. However, here’s the challenge David, NAME the people who are militant activists and NAME the members of the public whose behaviour was so disgraceful. I am sure they would love to take you up on the issue (perhaps even in court) particularly as you were elsewhere!

Never mind, we can forgive a man of his very poor ability remember who he is or where he was (no, not the night club story). Sadly, David’s bilge didn’t stop there:

“Politics is about discussing the issues that matter to the people, not spitting dummies out and acting like spoilt children who can’t get their own way… Conservatives will always provide sound, robust opposition to Labour, and refuse to be dragged into politics of the school playground”

To discuss politics you actually have to be there Councillor Potts, something which you have always struggled to achieve, even when you claimed first class travel from Cambridge. As for providing opposition, you and your stooges are nothing more than manikin dummies, holding on to Labours shirt tails.

Many people have postulated as to the origins of Labour’s controls are over Councillor Potts, Leader of the Conservative Party on South Tyneside Council, to make him support them in the Chamber yet be so hypocritical outside of it. Bouncers, guest lists, or merely some past as of yet un-reported misdemeanour – what ever it is, the man can’t lie straight in bed.

I very much doubt David Cameron actually reads the Shields Gazette, unless Pott’s sends him a scrap book every 3 months or so. I therefore can’t understand why he should feel the need to defend Irene Lucas, unless of course he enjoys being told off by the Headmistress.

Perhaps that’s it, the dream of the dominatrix, dressed in leather, prepared to punish those who transgress. Tow the line David, or you shall be thrashed!

The human mind is a fickle thing, but then again, so are Councillor Potts views of himself!


adi amen said...

I must say i have been extremely concerned by Davids recent behaviour, you cant have your feet in two camps let alone three.
But you know that old saying they all P in the same pot!
Trust is a dirty word to Mr Potts.

The Last King of Scotland said...

Those were the days, sex, scandal sleaze, football shirts, oranges, toilets, luncheon vouchers, call girls, whips and Potts was nothing more than a tadpole. Now look at this little toad he wants to play too.

Denny said...

Did the previous comment mean pis*ing in the same pottsie or pottie as this tory boy seems to love the word dummy. Whatver next David adult nappies?

Do You Know Who I am? said...

I suppose Mr Potts needs something to hang his hat on before he dons his kilt ready for battle against Alistar Darling, he's been pretty useless as a councillor.

The Last King of Scotland said...

I wonder what councillor Potts views are on under age joy riders, especially those that take their parents cars without their permission and take to the roads without any insurance, mot and a no driving licence and put peoples lives at risk. I am sure the voters in Edinburgh look forward to hearing from him especially the Chancellor. So come on David I will keep checking this site for your comments.

I for one would love to hear from