Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Late night at the Library

There were no posts yesterday due to the fact I was locked in Sunderland City Library going through old Council minutes. My God, you think South Tyneside is bad - Novembers agenda alone was over 200 pages long! There internet service is also dreadful, hence the need to do manual checks.

Oh yes, the subject matter. More on that later no doubt.

Anyway, tonight will be "doubled up", so dont think youv'e escaped lighlty!


Bryan said...

This sounds juicy Peter, I'm intrigued?

PETER SHAW said...

And so you should be Bryan, because Gateshead, Sunderland or South Shields is going to have to put up with a massive incinerator on its doorstep, big enough to burn the rubbish from three Boroughs’, with the end result of enough electricity to run a light bulb in the Town Hall toilets!

Watch this space as they say.