Thursday, 7 February 2008

Abandon Ship!

Hot on the heels of David Slater appears to be a Mr Brian T Scott, Head of Corporate Governance. The “Rumour Mill” has it he has been offered a job with a London firm of parliamentary solicitors!

Wow, how big must Mr Scott’s “unfinished” tray be!

To make matters worse, the Police have his name when it comes to a certain missing 18 ballot boxes!

Wakey wakey Brian, for whom the bell tolls!

Who will be next?

Well, the Northern Herald did predict this mass exodus some time ago. Five year contracts do not a career make.

Nor does behaving like an ass! So good riddance Mr Scott, enjoy your career in the City, it deserves you!

So, who is always left to charter the sinking ship? In this case, it’s the Chief Executive. What a difference a gong makes! But will it save her from a good roasting? I suspect not. Roll on the incinerator!

1 comment:

The Badger said...

Surely a better position would be Head of Integrity at the Electoral Commission.