Thursday, 7 February 2008

RIP Grange Hill

Like several schools in the Borough of South Tyneside, Grange Hill has felt the blows of the axe and after 30 years at the BBC, the series is to be shut down and mothballed for good.

Generations of children, including my own era, have been entertained by the likes of Tucker, Zammo, Benny, Pogo and Mr Hopwood. I can always remember being “banned” from watching episodes for a week for not doing my homework at school. However, things move on, and so do children’s tastes. Whilst Grange Hill tackled such issues as racism, sexism, drug addiction, bullying and sex, it is now considered tame by today’s moral standards. In 1978 there was a public outcry when a character uttered the phrase “flippin heck” in the playground; today, I suspect school children would find the concept of a “playground” very strange, never mind the comment!

Apparently, old episodes may be screened on BBC Four, no doubt on one for their “nostalgia” nights. Will I be watching? Of course I will, if my Mam and Dad will let me.

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