Thursday, 14 February 2008


Oh dear, somebody has got their knickers in a right royal twist. My post on Irene Lucas’s verbal thrashing of opposition leaders drew a caustic post and reply from Curly at the Corner Slop.

Not content with one bite of the cherry, he has had another mouthful today (careful, you might choke on your own vitriol) even demanding that I withdraw and remove remarks.

If the poor old Headmistress ever needed a Headmaster by her side, she need to look no further than said Mr Curly.

Six months ago I would have risen to the bait and we would have had a good old “turf war” in the regional blog world. I would have replied in triplicate and wallowed in the turmoil of exchanges and insults. Frankly however, things have moved on.

Somebody wants to build a whopping great waste incinerator in the North East region, possibly within this Borough; somebody lost 18 ballot boxes thereby casting a great shadow of conspiracy over the Council’s local elections; somebody needs to oppose the Labour controlling group who are running rough shod over the democratic process in South Tyneside; somebody should actually stand up and speak out against these issues.

Somebody however, should stop defending a Chief Executive and her minions who clearly think they run this Borough, and not the elected representatives who have a public and democratic mandate; somebody should have a look at how the constitution of this Borough is being deliberately manipulated to suit the ends of the ruling elite.

If anybody has a problem with what I have said or even posted under “quotation” marks i.e. Irene Lucas, the Labour Cabinet and even you Curly, as I have said before, sue me. The pleasure will be mine.

However, as to your requests, well let’s just say, err………………….no!

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