Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Castro on his way!

What a week of momentous changes. We began with the nationalisation of a capitalist asset in Britain, and now we have the resignation of President Fidel Castro, 49 years at the helm of Cuban national rule. The darling of students across the world or the residual blight of the cold war and communism, Castro has outlasted 9 USA Presidents and at least 2 CIA inspired plots to oust him.

Cleary a despot and totalitarian, his country has one the best health services in the world with a higher doctor/patient ratio than every country in Europe. Literacy amongst children and adults is also amongst the highest in the Latin world. However, they don’t really have a lot to read such is the level of censorship, and as for a political opposition, their either all in jail or exiled in America.

Indications are Castro’s brother will assume the presidency later this year, and a more “liberal” regime will emerge. No doubt this liberalisation will have something to say about the USA’s concentration camp (Guantanamo Bay) which sits on its doorstep.

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