Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The BNP and its “improper” activities!

Unable to make any headway in mainstream politics, the BNP thought they would join the elite political club by fiddling their accounts instead. Labour MP and anti BNP stalwart John Cruddas has referred the party of misfits to the Electoral Commission for financial irregularities.

The case centres on “fund raising” dinners held at the “Trafalgar Club” in London, where supporters of the BNP attended many such get togethers at £15 per head. Other fund raising events during the meal also took place. This practise allowed those of a well heeled nature to make donations without having to declare their names (no doubt to ashamed to own up to their political tendencies).

Ex BNP Treasurer John Brayshaw claimed he saw relevant documents being shredded and black bin liners full of hidden and unaccounted for documents. Mr Brayshaw felt that he had witnessed “something improper”. What an irony: the man is a member of the countries most extreme right wing, racist and fascist party, but he only found the contents of the black bag “improper”! Never mind, the evidence has been passed onto the BBC, whose Radio 4 programme “File on 4” has produced a programme on the matter. Cruddas has correspondingly made a referral for investigation.

The “secret” donors at the Trafalgar dinners obviously didn’t have the power of their convictions. Hopefully the Commissions investigations will name and shame them. I wonder if anybody of any repute was in attendance?


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