Sunday, 10 February 2008

Council Mugs

Whilst “Sharia” law dominates most of the papers today, it is as per usual “the fine print” which causes more interest. Take for example Northumberland County Council, who this week have been given a four star audit report grading. Today’s “Sunday Telegraph” (you should ditch your “Sunday Torygraph” in favour of a more defined paper Mr Shaw) reports that staff have been rewarded with a gift each of a mug bearing the inscription “Superstars” with 4 gold stars. Compare this to the 22% pay increases awarded to senior council employees, including a £70000 pay award to Chief Executive Mark Henderson and his deputy Jill Dixon and Steve Mason (Finance Director).

No wonder Councils make Mr Shaw’s blood boil!


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Bryan said...

Congratulations Peter, I was going to blog about this myself but you beat me to it. What Northumberland CC. may not be quite so keen to print on a mug is the cuts they are planning to make to their services for vulnerable children.