Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Last Straw

Anybody who had any support for Labour’s desire to reform the House of Commons expenses system will have had their faith dented with the news that Jack Straw, a man who currently pretends to believe in justice, put pressure on the independent sleaze watchdog to drop plans for an inquiry into the abuse of MP expenses. His actions occurred a year ago, when as Leader of the House, he put pressure on the Committee on Standards in Public Life, due to his fear a of a back bench revolt.

This evidence is another condemnation of MP’s ability to monitor, approve and reform their own pay packages and expenses. With none of the party leaders endorsing an independent inquiry, the gravy train rolls along the track out of control.

How can we expect Councils, NHS Trusts and other public bodies to adopt pay controls when those at the top operate with a blank cheque book?

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