Monday, 11 February 2008

It’s a Funny Old Game

Its funny how in politics, when those at the top are under attack, their political friends crawl out of the wood work offering support and rounds of applause. Let’s take for example, South Tyneside Council Leader Paul WAGGGOTTT. After his “lunatic” leaked email and corresponding motion of no confidence in his leadership skills at Chamber level, the Shields Gazette ran a double page “letters” edition. On the left were the pro “WAGGGOTTT”s and on the right the anti’s. Three of the pro’s letters came from business men in the area, including one Ray Spencer, Director, The Customs House. Mr Spencer said of WAGGGOTTT and Co:

“During my time serving on the LSP (Local Strategic Partnership) I have grown to understanding the current Council leadership of Paul Waggott and Ian Malcolm are genuinely committed to doing their very best to improve the lives and opportunities for the people of South Tyneside, and working with partners to achieve that”

The rest of the letter was of a similar tone.

However, could this be the same Ray Spencer (Gaz: 070208) who fears parking charge price rises brought in by the Council will drive trade away from the Town.

“Ray Spencer, Executive Director at the Customs House, has seen the numbers of motorists using the theatres car park plummet since the charges were introduced there a year ago”.

As numbers plummet, so will visits to the theatre!

Sorry Mr Spencer, instead of answering WAGGGOTTT’s SOS with a letter of endorsement, you should have raised the issue of exorbitant car parking fees. It was after all, Councillor WAGGGOTTT and Council Ian Malcolm who gave his full approval to the increases.

Working with partners, hmmmm….

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two down one to go said...

Well said Peter, maybe some of those numpties that support WAGGGOTTT might just wake up and realise that they all p in the same pot.