Saturday, 16 February 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

Having been a little busy on evenings of late, I have had quite a few editions of the Shields Gazette to catch up on. Wednesday’s carried another double page of letters on recent political events in the Borough. The Progressives “split” from the Independent Alliance was of course topical, with a particular letter highlighting that to be a politician you have to fully understand the concept of “opportunism” and frankly, take your chances when you can. However, Councillor David Potts letter not only took the idea to a new level, but it highlighted a degree of political naivety that will have the Chancellor laughing with glee.

In Potts own words:

“…there is only one real, clear and competent alternative to Labour in South Tyneside, and that is the Conservative Party.”

Could this be the same Councillor Potts who praised Labour Leader Councillor Paul Waggott to the hilt, even though he had classed members of the “public” as lunatics?

Could this be the same Councillor Potts who seconded a motion of support for Councillor Waggott?

Could this be the same Councillor Potts who has one of the worst attendance records in the Borough for Full Council and sub committee meetings?

Could this be the same Conservative Party whose councillors never speak, challenge or hold to account their Labour opposite numbers, choosing merely to sit and placidly watch events go by?

The words “real”, “clear” “competent” and “alternative” should be replaced with sycophantic, inept, impotent and subservient.

Now there’s a letter I could agree with!


The Badger said...

Stick to trying to influence doormen councillor Potts because your attempts to win influence with our party has fallen flat on it’s face no matter how many pints you buy.

Anonymous said...

who is jekyll and hyde- jane and allen

Denny said...

Thank goodness for that, for a minute there I thought it was the Malcolm boys.

Anonymous said...

badger you said he buys pints?

so could you tell me why mr potts,meeks,gibson sewell,brady,mccape and perry. all had dinner in an italian restaurant? is this the new rat pack?

Anonymous said...

Doorman, pubs, Italian restaurants – Don Pottsyo is moving in dubious circles lately. But then again, when didn’t he? At least it makes a change from Don Malcolm buying him drinks all night.