Sunday, 10 February 2008

Number Crunching

£25970 - Salary paid to “all but invisible” Freddie Conway for 17 hours per week as his father’s parliamentary researcher

£25756 - Salary advertised for full time post of “Data Protection and Freedom of Information Co Coordinator” at House of Commons this week.

£380000 - Cost of rebranding and new station idents for BBC Three.

£380000 - Annual salary of the 10 producers whose jobs are being cut from the BBC Natural History Unit

£30 billion - Northern Rock bonds the tax payer will guarantee under government rescue plan

£30 million - Profit to hedge funds owing shares in Northern Rock since the announcement of the plan

£60 million - Amount diverted from the Sport England budget to Olympic funds

£90 million - Amount diverted from heritage Lottery funds to Olympic coffers

£110 million - Amount diverted from Arts Council of England to Olympic funds

£150 million - Amount paid to consultants so far (with four years to go)

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