Wednesday, 6 February 2008

We Know Who You Are

What is it with Councillors and night clubs? First we had the famous “Do You Know Who I Am” post on the Whiteleas and Parkway site, and now we have an instance of a certain councillor attempting to use his position to get on the guest list of a South Shields night club. The sad thing is, the entrance fee to the venue was only £1, all of the money going to a local charity. Councillors in South Tyneside receive over £6000 minimum in allowances, yet this cheap skate individual wanted to be admitted for free because he is a “councillor”.

Unlike the “Do You Know Who I Am” scenario, this time “We Know Who You Are”. If anybody wants to guess, send your answers on a postcard to “South Tyneside Standards Committee” c/o the Town Hall. That’s where I’m sending my views and comments.


Anonymous said...

It Has To Be Cllr Gibson?
He`s the only one who would do a stunt like that.

Denny said...

Nah he was out on Friday with John McCabe and Jimmy Sewell celebrating the now infamous Waggott ars* licking sketch. Mind this cheap skate councillor your on about also had a brown tongue that day.
He looked a sad sight on Tuesday night all by his lonesome, he reminded me of Billy no mates. That’s what you get when you disappear up the labour leader’s backside and sell out your own party’s views and reject your local supporters in a desperate attempt to win favours. I wonder what Alistair Darling, the Scottish Tories and David Cameron will make of this double dealing two faced spineless individual.

PETER SHAW said...

That’s a big presumption to make Denny. Tactics dear boy, tactics! Why shoot the messenger just yet, that can be done just in time to gain a little bit more information on certain other issues. If you don’t venture, nothing is gained. Im not as green as I used to be when it comes to these matters.

The Badger said...

The only presumption being made is by Councillor David Potts. He thinks his so called celebrity status can get him into night clubs for nowt and given lets him jump queues. Come on Peter who else would get his mate Justin to 'pull a few strings' to get him on a VIP list for a do that only cost a quid to get in with all proceeds going to charity.

Anonymous said...